Instabilities of Transonic Turbulent Flow over a Flat-Sided Wedge

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Department of Fluid Dynamics, St. Petersburg State University, 28 University Ave., St. Petersburg 198504, Russia



The transonic turbulent two-dimensional airflow over a symmetric flat-sided double wedge is studied numerically. Solutions of the Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes equations are obtained with ANSYS-18.2 CFX finite-volume solver of second order accuracy on a fine mesh. The solutions demonstrate an extreme sensitivity of the flow field and lift coefficient to variation of the angle of attack α or free-stream Mach number M. Non-unique flow regimes and hysteresis in certain bands of  α  and  M are identified. Interaction of shock waves and local supersonic regions is discussed. The study confirms a concept of shock wave instability due to a coalescence/rupture of supersonic regions. In addition to the instability of shock wave locations, the numerical simulation shows a buffet onset, i.e., self-exciting oscillations due to instability of a boundary layer separation at the rear of wedge. Curious flow regimes with positive lift at negative angles α and, vice versa, with negative lift at positive angles α, are pointed out. A piecewise continuous dependence of the lift coefficient on two free-stream parameters, α and M, is discussed.


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