Influence of Inlet Vane and Wrap Angles on Cavitation Behavior of a Centrifugal Pump

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1 Halic University, Istanbul, 34060, Turkey

2 Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, 34349, Turkey

3 Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, 34437, Turkey



This comprehensive study focuses on the relationship between the inlet vane and wrap angles of a centrifugal pump impeller and its cavitation behavior. The objective is to propose a new design for cavitation performance enhancement of the pump by reducing the required net positive suction head (NPSHR). To render a detailed study, the variations of the mentioned angles were examined both at hub and shroud. A three-dimensional two-phase parametric computational fluid dynamics (CFD) study was conducted and variations of inlet blade and wrap angles at hub and shroud were investigated separately. After validating the experimental results with the pump model, the pump parameterization process was carried out, and pump geometry was re-defined with its geometrical properties. The characteristic curves of the parameterized pump and pump model were in agreement with each other. Numerical cavitation tests were performed and the NPSHR values of each design were calculated for four different operating conditions. Results showed that cavitation performance increase was achieved with angle variations at the best efficiency point (BEP) but, this situation led the pump to operate exposed to cavitation at high flows (HF) for some designs. Therefore, the design with the best cavitation performance increased at BEP and HF was proposed as a new design. During numerical simulations, shear stress transport (SST) turbulence model and Rayleigh–Plesset equation were used.


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