Effect of a Secondary Injection on the Performance of Three-Dimensional Over-under TBCC Exhaust Nozzles

Document Type : Regular Article


1 School of Power and Energy, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an, Shaan Xi Province, 710129, China

2 Science and Technology on Scramjet Laboratory, CARDC, Sichuan, Mianyang, Si Chuan Province, 621000, China



A numerical simulation is used to investigate the flow field characteristics of a three-dimensional over-under turbine-based combined cycle circular-to-rectangular transition exhaust nozzle when only the turbojet flowpath is in operation. The effect on the exhaust nozzle performance of there being a secondary injection on the ramp of the expansion section of the turbojet flow path is then examined. Finally, the impact of variations in the secondary injection design parameters is further investigated. The results show that a secondary injection can improve the exhaust nozzle's performance by reducing the axial force on the inner wall of the flow path. However, changes in flight status can undermine this improvement. Under the baseline operating condition, a secondary injection with a larger angle and close to the ramp outlet can produce a more significant improvement in nozzle performance. In this study, the axial thrust coefficient, lift and pitch moment of the nozzle can be improved by a maximum of 9.312%, 66.007% and 10.975%, respectively.


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