Flow Characteristics and Vortex Structure of Flow Across Micro Cylinders by Micro-PIV Measurement and CFD Simulation

Document Type : Regular Article


School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Kunming University of Science and Technology Kunming, Yunnan Province, 650093, China



The micro tube bank model is a commonly used structure in microelectro mechanical cooling systems. Flow across a micro tube bank is a basic benchmark for analyzing flow resistance and heat transfer capability. In this paper, the flow around a micro tube bank model was studied both experimentally and numerically. Micro-Particle Image Velocimetry technology was used to measure the flow field at different inlet flow rates. The laminar flow model, S-A model and standard k-ε model were used to calculate the flow field inside the micro tube bank model. By comparing the results from the three numerical models with the experimental results, there is a certain gap between them can be noted. However, it was found that the standard k-ε model is better than laminar model and S-A model in the comparison between numerical results and experimental results. In conclusion, the standard k-ε model is more suitable for the numerical calculation of the flow field around a micro scale tube bank model.


Main Subjects

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