Influence of Intake Valve Structure Combined with Valve Lift Dissimilitude on Intake Performance of Diesel Engine

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Yunnan Key Laboratory of Internal Combustion Engine, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Kunming 650500, China



For diesel engines equipped with a combined spiral/tangential inlet, the main object of the valve structure and valve lift dissimilitude strategies is the valve, the changes of both will alter the motion state of the in-cylinder airflow, which has an important impact on the formation and combustion of the mixture. In order to investigate the flow performance of valve structure and valve lift dissimilitude, this paper used computational fluid dynamics (CFD) numerical simulation and multi-parameter regression methods to optimize the dual intake valve structure and obtained three valve structures with better intake performance first. Then, the optimized intake valve structure models were combined with the valve lift dissimilitude schemes to conduct steady-flow tests for the intake port. Through the reasonable combining of the two, the intake performance of the original engine was further improved. The results show that the valve structure has a relatively small influence on the intake mass, while it has a greater effect on the formation of the swirl in the cylinder, increasing the swirl ratio by 8.0%. The optimized valve structure model was combined with the valve lift dissimilitude scheme. It was found that the valve structure with optimal intake mass combined with the dissimilitude scheme of the largest valve lift of the spiral inlet could increase the flow coefficient by a maximum of 1.9%. The valve structure of the optimal swirl ratio combined with the dissimilitude scheme of the largest valve lift of the tangential inlet could increase the swirl ratio by a maximum of 9.7%. This study can guide diesel engines with combined intakes to increase the intake mass and improve the intake performance.


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