Experimental Study on the Dynamics of a Moving Droplet Impacting a Sessile Droplet

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Key Laboratory of Fluid Transmission Technology of Zhejiang Province Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, Hangzhou, 310018, China



The phenomenon of droplets impacting droplets is common in many fields including the chemical, nuclear, and aerospace industries. In this paper, high-speed photography technology is used to obtain the variation law and evolution properties exhibited by droplets colliding with sessile droplets of varying sizes. We further explored how the Weber number (We) and volume ratio (Vp/Vi) influence the behavior of droplets colliding with sessile droplets. The phenomenon of droplets impacting sessile droplets of different volumes is different from that of droplets impacting liquid films. In terms of droplet spreading, compression and the non-splashing liquid crown, the phenomena and laws reported in the present study are applicable for 1 ≤ We ≤ 165 and droplet volume ratios of 1 ≤ Vp/Vi ≤ 6. With a low Weber number, the droplet compresses and deforms downward without coalescence at the initial stage of collision. A high Weber number results in a no-splashing liquid crown. These findings provide important insights into the dynamics of droplet-droplet interactions.


Main Subjects

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