Adaptive Separation Control System Using Vortex Generator Jets for Time-Varying Flow


1 Department of Mechanical Engineering Akita University, Akita, Akita, 010-8502, Japan

2 Graduate School of Engineering & Resource Science Akita University, Akita, Akita, 010-8502, Japan


Flow separation is mostly an undesirable phenomenon and boundary layer control is an important technique for flow separation problems on airfoils and in diffusers. Longitudinal (streamwise) vortices are produced by the interaction between jets and a freestream. This technique is known as the vortex generator jet method of separation, or stall control. The vortex generator jet method is an active control technique that provides a time-varying control action to optimize performance under a wide range of flow conditions because the strength of longitudinal vortices can be adjusted by varying the jet speed. In the present study, an active separation control system using vortex generator jets with rectangular orifices has been developed. The active separation control system can be practically applied to the flow separation control of a two-dimensional diffuser. It was confirmed that the proposed active separation control system could adaptively suppress flow separation for the flow fields caused by some changes in freestream velocity and the divergence angle of the diffuser.