Analysis of Interrupted Rectangular Microchannel Heat Sink with High Aspect Ratio


Department of Applied Mechanics, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Hauz Khas, New Delhi - 110016, India


A computational modelling of microchannel heat sinks with high aspect ratio has been performed to compare the geometrical features in the plane parallel to the heating surface and to determine the optimum configuration for the best heat transfer characteristics. A periodic thermal development of flow can cause significant heat transfer enhancement. A consensus on a particular geometrical configuration that provides the best heat transfer characteristics has not been reached in the literature, although many novel ideas have been proposed recently. Firstly the validity and applicability of microchannel sink modelling is presented followed by an optimization of parameters of interrupted microchannel heat sink. Consequences of the multichannel effect due to the introduction of transverse microchamber are also presented. It has been shown that the average Nusselt number of the microchannel heat sink increases by the introduction of a transverse microchamber with the additional advantage of a lower pressure drop. There exists an optimum width for the transverse microchamber for which the interrupted microchannel heat sink shows optimum characteristics.