Scattering of Fexural Gravity Waves by a Two-Dimensional Thin Plate


1 Department of Mathematics, Jadavpur University, Kolkata-700032, India

2 Four year B. Tech. Course, Technology Campus, Calcutta University , JB 2, Sector III, Kolkata 700098, India

3 Government General Degree College at Kalna-1, Muragacha, Medgachi, Burdwan-713405, India.


An approximate analysis based on standard perturbation technique together with an application of Green’s integral theorem is used in this paper to study the problem of scattering of water waves by a two dimensional thin plate submerged in deep ocean with ice cover. The reflection and transmission coefficients upto first order are obtained in terms of the shape function describing the plate and are studied graphically for different shapes of the plate.