Effect of Reverting Channels on Heat Transfer Performance of Microchannels with Different Geometries


Department of Mechanical engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, 84156-83111, Iran.


This study investigated the effect of reverting microchannels inside a heat sink on increase of cooling rate as well as the effect of their different configurations on maximum temperature and pressure drop. Based on the convection heat transfer mechanism, selection of the embedded microchannels’ configurations including circular, square and triangular ones, was studied for geometric optimization of the discussed heat sinks. The goal was to minimize the thermal resistance through optimizing the geometries. The volume ratio was defined as the ratio of the volume taken up by microchannels to the solid volume (portion of the heat sink not occupied by microchannels) and was considered as 0.05. According to the results, in addition to obtaining a more uniform temperature distribution, reverting channels remarkably reduced the maximum temperature. Moreover, the heat sink with square shape showed less thermal resistance as compared to the other two geometries.