Aerodynamics of Flapping Wings for Vertical Takeoff


Hindustan University, Chennai, India


The present study is based on analysing a flapping based locomotion in vertical direction which is inspired from jelly fish in vertical locomotion. A numerical investigation is performed to analyse the aerodynamic performance in terms of two dimensional flat plates under flapping conditions with the fluid at rest. The model considered is an umbrella structure prototype which has vertical plates placed at certain intermittent distance from each other with their leading edges hinged. The dynamic effect of 2D plates are analysed by varying the chord length of flapper for a range of amplitude and frequency to study the interference effects of flappers in close proximity. It is found that a suitable chord length and intermittent distance is required for improving the aerodynamic characteristics. It is envisaged that the results obtained in this study will lead to better understanding of the dynamics of flapping based locomotion which are useful for developing hovering kinematics in surveillance and reconnaissance.