Numerical Analysis of Mixed Convective Peristaltic Flow in a Vertical Channel in Presence of Heat Generation without using Lubrication Theory


Department of Mathematics and Statistics, International Islamic University Islamabad Pakistan


In this paper, heat transfer analysis of peristaltic mixed convection flow through a vertical channel is presented in addition, effects of heat generation are also investigated. The mathematical model is represented by the system of non-linear partial differential equations. The analysis is made in the presence of non-zero wave and Reynolds numbers. The results of the long wavelength assumption in a creeping flow can be deduced. These results thus predict new features in the peristaltic transport in the absence of the approximation of long wave length and low Reynolds number. The moderate finite elements based technique has been used to compute the highly accurate solution of the governing problem. To ensure the accuracy of the computed solution, the results obtained are validated against the available results in the literature and found good agreement. The obtained result are presented through graphs and the influence of involved pertinent parameters is analyzed.