Rollover Mechanism Methodology of LNG Tank with Gas-Liquid Stratification Based on Curvelet Finite Element Method and Large Eddy Simulation Technology


School of Mechanical Engineering, Liaoning Shihua University, Fushun, Liaoning 113001, China


The rollover phenomenon of LNG tank has great threat to secure storage of LNG, therefore the Curvelet finite element method combing the large eddy simulation technology to analyze the rollover mechanism. Firstly, the basic principles of Curvelet transform are studied, the mathematical model and properties of Curvelet transform have been discussed. Secondly, theoretical models of rollover of LNG tank with gas-liquid stratification based on large eddy simulation are put forward, and then rollover Curvelet finite element of LNG tank with gas and liquid phase stratification is established. Finally, the rollover mechanism analysis of LNG tank with gas and liquid stratification is carried out based on different simulation method. The changing rules of mean velocity of interface between gas and liquid phase LNG gas phase and liquid phase LNG is obtained, and the changing rules mean velocities of gas and liquid phase LNG for different heat flux density are also obtained. Comparing results show that the Curvelet finite element method has higher computing precision than traditional finite element method.