Lubricant Rheological Behavior Effect Analysis on the Performance of Finite Porous Self- Lubricating Journal Bearings


1 LGMD, Polytechnic National School of Algiers 1, 10, Avenue Hassen Badi, Algiers, Algeria

2 USTHB, BP 32, El Alia, 16111 Bab Ezzouar, Algiers, Algeria

3 L. M. T – E. N. S. Cachan. Paris - France


In this paper, the hydrodynamic lubrication of finite porous self-lubricating journal bearings is investigated taking into account the rheological lubricant behavior effect. The modified Reynolds equation is derived by considering both the fluid flow in the porous matrix and the lubricant rheological behavior where Darcy’s law and power- law model were used. Governing differential equations were solved numerically using the finite difference method. Static characteristics are obtained by considering three types of lubricants: pseudo-plastic, dilatant and Newtonian fluids. Obtained results showed that the power law index, n, has important effects on the performance of porous and non-porous bearings. An improvement in the fluid bearing characteristics (load capacity, pressure) is observed for dilatant fluids (n>1) while these characteristics decreased for pseudo-plastic fluids (n