Effective Boundary Conditions and Numerical Method for Flow Characteristics of Aeroengine Compressor at High Mach Flight


1 College of Power and Energy Engineering, Harbin Engineering University, Harbin, 150001, Heilongjiang Province, China

2 Science and Technology on Altitude Simulation Laboratory, jiangyou 621703, Sichuan Province, China

3 AECC Sichuan Gas Turbine Establishment, jiangyou 621703, Sichuan Province, China


Flow characteristics inside the compressor are of great importance for aeroengine performance under the high adverse pressure gradient. To meet the need for quick performance estimation, the numerical simulation is a meaningful investigation method to predict the similarity flow characteristics of aeroengine compressor at high Mach flight. Thus, this paper aims to satisfy the accuracy of compressor flow field at high altitude based on the similarity criterion. The accuracy for solution results by the application of the similarity criterion and the derivation of compressor boundary conditions is verified with the experimental data. Then, the parametric definitions of air intake are put forward to get the inlet boundary conditions of compressor. The comparative simulation results are conducted between similarity and prototype flow fields at design boundary conditions. The results show that among the most important dimensionless criterion is Mach number at high-speed flow, so the same equivalent mass flow and equivalent speed are recommended. In addition, the flow characteristics of the compressor at high altitude and high Mach number have a good similarity. Consequently, it can extend to further study compressor performance of aeroengine at different flight altitudes and Mach numbers.