Analysis on the Performance Improvement of Reciprocating Pump with Variable Stiffness Valve using CFD


School of Mechanical Engineering, Yanshan University, Qin Huangdao, Hebei province, 066004, China


As a key component of reciprocating pump, the valve has a significant influence on its performance. However, it is difficult for the existing valve to simultaneously solve the problems such as fatigue, erosion and cavitation in engineering application. In this paper, a solution to these problems of using variable stiffness spring is proposed. And three new structures of the valve are designed. Furthermore, based on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) method, a three-dimensional dynamic simulation model considering fluid-structure interaction in the suction stroke of reciprocating pump is established by using dynamic grid technique and User-Defined Functions (UDF). The performance of these new valves are compared with that of conventional valve respectively. The result shows that the new valves have significant influence on the motion characteristics of the valve disc, flow field distribution and cavitation. Besides, the simulation and experimental results of the maximum lift are compared, and it is found that they are basically in agreement. The new structures provide a new research direction for improving the performance of reciprocating pump. Simultaneously, the above simulation method can also provide guidance for valve design, structural optimization and service life improvement.