Parametric Investigation of Wavy Rectangular Winglets for Heat Transfer Enhancement in a Fin-and–Tube Heat Transfer Surface


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi, India


In this paper numerical simulations were performed utilizing Computational fluid dynamics code Fluent to investigate the thermo-fluid performance of a wavy rectangular winglet supported fin-and-tube heat exchanger with five inline rows of circular tubes. The influence of wave height, number of waves, wavy winglet length and winglet attack angle on the thermo-fluid performance of the fin-and-tube heat transfer surface has been examined under laminar flow conditions. Further the Plain and wavy rectangular winglets are placed together over different tube locations and their effect on heat transfer and flow resistance is also examined. An enhancement factor has also been discussed to summarize the overall thermo-fluid performance. The results show that increase in the wave height increase both heat transfer and pressure drop, and an optimum wave height could be decided based on the enhancement factor. It is also found that the increase in wavy winglet length guides the flow more effectively towards the tubes wake region. It is also observed that with increase in number of waves the heat transfer performance initially increases and then decreases as the wave pitch becomes very small. For wavy winglet supported heat exchanger the optimum attack angle is found out for maximum enhancement factor.