Effect of Viscosities on the Spray Characteristics of Pressure Swirl Nozzle


College of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Electronics Technology, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing 100124, China


The effects of medium viscosity on the spray flow rate, spray Sauter Mean Diameter, droplet velocity and spray cone angle of pressure swirl nozzles are investigated by making use of the particle dynamics analysis system and high-speed photographic system. Based on the axial and radial distribution characteristics of Sauter Mean Diameter and droplet velocity, the water-glycerol mixture is used to simulate medium with a wide range of viscosities. It is found that with the increase of viscosity, the turbulence of the medium flow and the swirling effect is weakened, and the rated pressure becomes larger and the spray flow rate increases. Spray Sauter Mean Diameter and droplet axial velocity becomes larger, while the spray cone angle decreases. The development of the axial velocity distribution of spray cone is characterized by the radial and axial position parameters. The area of the large-droplet region on both sides of spray cone becomes larger, and the area of small-droplet region near the axis becomes smaller.