Michell’s Thin Ship Theory in Optimisation of Warp-Chine on Pentamaran Configuration


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Universitas Indonesia, Depok, Jawa Barat 16425, Indonesia


This study was conducted to optimise warp–chine pentamaran configurations in wave cancellations to a significant total resistance reduction for a wide range of speed. The optimisation of a pentamaran with a warp–chine hull form was performed by a computer program Godzilla based on Michell's theory and validated by the towing test. The distance parameters of the outrigger were evaluated to select the lowest resistance generated. Computational analysis depended on the Michell–based tool compared to a commercial Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). The comparison of the measurement test of the total resistance and Michell's calculation results of all configurations showed a suitable trend, especially at Fn ≥ 0.4. However, it was not satisfactory for CFD trend. The illustrated of far-field wave pattern by the Michell-based instrument also consistent with the wave spectrum that captured in the test. The results of the analysis and observations revealed that the test measurement for all configuration models in the same estimated error (uncertainty) range of the total resistance. This optimisation has confirmed the stagger at the range of 0.36L–0.42L where the front outriggers and the after outriggers not in line of clearance as in arrow formation significant in wave cancellation and resistance reduction.