PMLES: A Hybrid Open MP CUDA Source Code for LES of Turbulent Flows


1 IFSC, Federal Institute of Santa Catarina, Euclides Hack St, 1603, 89820-000, Xanxere ̂, SC, Brazil

2 UFRGS, Department of Chemical Engineering, Rua Engenheiro Luiz Englert, s/no, 90040-040, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil


The occurrence of turbulent flows is quite common in nature and several industrial applications. The accurate simulation of these complex flows is still a great challenge in science. Large Eddy Simulation (LES) is an efficient technique based on the elimination of all scales of a flow smaller than a characteristic length ∆, considering that the flow pattern in small scales is homogeneous and isotropic. Therefore, modeling of turbulence in such scales is universal and independent of the flow type. This work present PMLES, a new OpenMP CUDA Fortran solver for complex turbulent flows at high Reynolds numbers and large computational domains (about 1 × 108 cells), using a single GPU card. This was possible by using an economical numerical scheme associated with a robust and efficient solution method that requires little variable storage. Theoretical and numerical aspects are firstly discussed, and then details of the computational implementation are given. Finally, the developed code is tested and validated by simulating a turbulent jet, and comparing the results with experimental and computational data from the literature. An analysis of performance gain is also carried out, demonstrating the code’s ability to solve this class of problems with a considerable reduction in computational time.