Mathematical Analysis of Effects of Surface Roughness on Steady Performance of Hydrostatic Thrust Bearings Lubricated with Rabinowitsch Type Fluids


Rajkiya Engineering College, Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh, India


The objective of present theoretical analysis is to study the combined influence of surface roughness and lubricant inertia on the steady performance of stepped circular hydrostatic thrust bearings lubricated with non-Newtonian Rabinowitsch type fluids. To take the effects of surface roughness into account, Christensen theory of rough surface has been adopted. Solution for momentum equation has been derived by means of average inertia approach. Analytic expressions for film pressure have been established for radial and circumferential roughness patterns. Results for film pressure, load carrying capacity of bearing and lubricant flow rate has been plotted and analyzed on the basis of numerical results. Due to surface roughness, significant variations in these properties have been observed.