Dissipation Effects on MHD Nonlinear Flow and Heat Transfer Past a Porous Surface with Prescribed Heat Flux


1 Department of Applied Mathematics, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore 641 046, INDIA

2 Department of Mathematics, Providence College for Women, Coonoor 643 104, INDIA


Viscous and Joule dissipation effects are considered on MHD nonlinear flow and heat transfer past a stretching porous surface embedded in a porous medium under a transverse magnetic field. Analytical solutions of highly nonlinear momentum equation and confluent hypergeometric similarity solution of heat transfer equations in the case when the plate stretches with velocity varying linearly with distance are obtained. The effect of various parameters like suction parameter, Prandtl number, Magnetic parameter, and Eckert number entering into the velocity field, temperature distribution and skin friction co-efficient at the wall are discussed with the aid of graphs.