Oblique Stagnation-Point Darcy Flow towards a Stretching Sheet


1 ITM University, Sector-23A, Gurgaon, Haryana-122017

2 Centre for Mathematical Sciences (CMS), Banasthali University, Rajasthan-304022, India

3 Faculty of Mathematics, Department of Higher Education, Haryana, India


An attempt is made for the study of steady two-dimensional flow of a viscous and incompressible fluid striking at some angle of incidence on a stretching sheet. Fluid is considered in the porous media obeying Darcy law, in the presence of radiation effect. Rosseland approximation is use to model the radiative heat transfer. The stream function splits into a Hiemenz and a tangential component. Using similarity variables, the governing partial differential equations are transformed into a set of three non-dimensional ordinary differential equations. These equations are then solved numerically using fifth order Runge-Kutta Fehlberg method with shooting technique. In the present reported work the effects of striking angle, radiation parameter, porosity parameter and the Prandtl number on flow and heat transfer characteristics have been discussed. Variations of above discussed parameters with the stretching sheet parameter have been graphically presented.