Stokes Flow around Rotating Axially Symmetric Pervious Body


Department of Mathematics, B.S.N.V. Post Graduate College (Lucknow University, Lucknow), Lucknow(Uttar Pradesh)-226001, India


In this paper, the problem of slowly rotating pervious axially symmetric body with source at its centre placed in an incompressible viscous fluid has been tackled. The method of separation of variables has been used and the general solution in terms of Legendre functions and Whittaker’s polynomial is given. As a first approximation, for n = 1, the results are in confirmation with spherical body. It is found that the effect of source at the centre is to reduce the resulting moment. Further, it has been conjectured that the results of couple for other bodies ( i.e., for n  2 ) can also be obtained on the same ground but presently it is beyond the scope of the paper and would likely to appear in the future paper.