Fluid Simulation of the Ion Temperature Effects on a Collisional Magnetized Sheath of a Dusty Plasma


Laboratory of Phiysics of Matter Radiations, Department of Phisics, Faculty of Science, University Mohammed I, BP. 717, 60000 Oujda Morocco


The properties of magnetized dusty plasma sheath with finite ion temperature are studied using a fluid model. Hot electrons, fluid ions, neutral particles and cold fluid dust grains are taken into account in this system. Considering the cross section for collisions between the dust and neutrals has a power law dependence on the dust flow velocity, the fluid model is then solved numerically to obtain detailed sheath information under different ion temperatures. A significant change is observed in the quantities characterizing the sheath with respect to the cold ion assumption. In addition, the result reveals that the effect of ion temperature is more obvious on the dust dynamics in collisional sheath with constant cross section.