Radiative Heat Transfer with MHD Free Convection Flow over a Stretching Porous Sheet in Presence of Heat Source Subjected to Power Law Heat Flux


Department of Information Technology, IBRI College of Technology, IBRI, Oman.


The study of flow and heat transfer in fluid as it passes over a porous surface has attracted considerable scientific attention, particularly in technologies where boundary-layer control is important. Therefore, this paper reports the effects of radiation and heat source over a stretching surface subjected to a power law heat flux, in the presence of transverse magnetic field on two-dimensional boundary layer steady flow and heat transfer of a viscous incompressible fluid. Heat transfer equation is reduced to a linear differential equation using non-dimensional parameters and the exact solution is obtained in the form of confluent hypergeometric function (Kummer’s Function) for prescribed power law wall temperature. The effects of the various parameters entering into the problem on the temperature distribution and wall temperature gradient are discussed.