Chemical Reaction and Mass Transfer Effects on Flow of Micropolar Fluid past a Continuously Moving Porous Plate with Variable Viscosity


1 R.M.K Engineering College, Kavaraipettai, Chennai, 601206, India

2 Department of Mathematics, Anna University, Chennai 600025, India


Chemical reaction and mass transfer effects on flow of a micropolar fluid past a continuously moving porous plate with variable viscosity is investigated numerically. The plate is moving with a constant velocity in the fluid, which has a temperature dependent viscosity. The fluid viscosity is considered to vary linearly with temperature. The radiative heat flux and the viscous dissipation are taken into account in the energy equation. The partial differential equations governing the flow have been transformed into system of ordinary differential equation and solved numerically by fourth order Runge-Kutta method with shooting technique. The velocity, microrotation, temperature, concentration are shown graphically for different value of suction or injection parameter as well as temperature dependent viscosity parameter. The rate of mass transfer for different values of chemical reaction parameter and variable viscosity parameter is also shown graphically. The result shows that chemical reaction parameter and variable viscosity parameter have significant influence on heat and mass transfer rate. Effect of chemical reaction parameter and variable viscosity parameter over skin-friction coefficient and microrotation are examined.