Analytical and Numerical Study for MHD Radiating Flow over an Infinite Vertical Surface Bounded by a Porous Medium in Presence of Chemical Reaction


Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics Research, Department of Mathematics, Goalpara College, Goalpara 783101, Assam, India


The study of non-linear MHD flow with heat and mass transfer characteristics of an incompressible, viscous, electrically conducting and Newtonian fluid over a vertical oscillating porous plate embedded in a porous medium in presence of homogeneous chemical reaction of first order and thermal radiation effects have been analyzed. The fluid considered here is a gray, absorbing/emitting radiation, but a non-scattering medium. At timet>0, the plate temperature and concentration levels near the plate raised linearly with timet. The dimensionless governing coupled, non-linear boundary layer partial differential equations are solved by an efficient, accurate, and extensively validated and unconditionally stable finite difference scheme of the Crank-Nicolson type as well as by the Laplace Transform technique. An increase in porosity parameter (K) is found to depress the fluid velocities and shear stress in the regime. Also it has been found that, when the conduction-radiation (R) increased, the fluid velocities as well as temperature profiles were decreased. It has been found that, when the chemical reaction parameter(C_r) increased, the fluid velocities as well as concentration profiles were decreased. Applications of the study arise in materials processing and solar energy collector systems.