Radiation and Inclined Magnetic Field Effects on Unsteady Hydromagnetic Free Convection Flow past an Impulsively Moving Vertical Plate in a Porous Medium


1 Department of Mathematics, SAS, Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, India

2 Department of mathematics, S.V.University, Tirupat,India


We analyse the effects of radiation and rotation on unsteady hydromagnetic free convection flow of a viscous incompressible electrically conducting fluid past an impulsively moving vertical plate in a porous medium by applying inclined magnetic field, Under Boussinesq approximation, assuming that the temperature of the plate has a temporarily ramped profile. An exact solution of the governing equations, in dimensionless form is obtained by Laplace transform technique. To compare the results obtained in this case with that of isothermal plate and exact solution of the governing equations are also obtained for isothermal plate and results are discussed graphically in both ramped temperature and isothermal cases.