Effect of Non-Uniform Heat Generation on Unsteady MHD Non-Darcian Flow over a Vertical Stretching Surface with Variable Properties


1 Department of Applied Mathematics, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore-641 046, India

2 Division of Mechanical and Energy Systems Engineering, College of Engineering, Korea Maritime University, Busan 606-791, South Korea


The effect of non-uniform heat generation on an unsteady MHD laminar boundary layer flow of viscous, incompressible fluid over a vertical stretching plate embedded in a sparsely packed porous medium is investigated numerically. The flow in the porous medium is governed by Brinkman-Forchheimer extended Darcy model. The variation of porosity, permeability and thermal conductivity is assumed. By applying similarity analysis, the governing partial differential equations are transformed into a set of time dependent non-linear coupled ordinary differential equations and they are solved by Runge-Kutta Fehlberg Method along with shooting technique. The effects of governing parameters on the dimensionless velocity and temperature distributions for uniform permeability (UP) and variable permeability (VP) of the porous medium are discussed graphically. Also, the local skin friction coefficient and the rate of heat transfer are computed for various pertinent parameters governing the problem. Moreover, the numerical results obtained in this study is compared with the existing literature and found they are in good agreement.