Effects of Radiation on Darcy-Forchheimer Convective Flow Over a Stretching Sheet in a Micropolar Fluid with Non- Uniform Heat Source/Sink


1 Department of Mathematics, Institute of Science, Visva-Bharati (A Central University), Santiniketan, West Bengal-731235, India

2 Department of Mathematics, Bengal Institute of Technology and Management, Santiniketan, West Bengal-731236, India


A study has been carried out to analyze the effects of viscous-Ohmic dissipation and variable thermal conductivity on steady two-dimensional hydromagnetic flow, heat and mass transfer of a micropolar fluid over a stretching sheet embedded in a non-Darcian porous medium with non-uniform heat source/sink and thermal radiation. The governing differential equations are transformed into a set of non-linear coupled ordinary differential equations which are then solved numerically. A comparison with previously published work has been carried out and the results are found to be in good agreement. The effects of various physical parameters on velocity, temperature, and concentration distributions are shown graphically.