Demixing of a Binary Fluid Mixture in Case of MHD Flow with Heat and Mass Transfer due to a Point Sink


Department of Mathematics, Dibrugarh University, Dibrugarh, Assam-786004, India


The present problem concerns with the effects of the magnetic field, mass flux diffusion and heat transfer on demixing of a binary mixture of incompressible viscous electrically conducting fluids in steady, laminar boundary layer flow in presence of a point sink at the vertex of a cone. The momentum, energy and concentration equations are reduced to non-linear coupled ordinary differential equations by similarity transformations and are solved numerically by using MATLAB’s built in solver bvp4c. The local skin friction, the Nusselt number and the Sherwood number are tabulated for various values of the parameters. These numerical results have been demonstrated graphically from which it is observed that the effects of various parameters are to separate the components of the binary mixture by collecting the rarer and lighter component near the surface of the cone and throwing the heavier one away from it.