Investigation and Comparison Effects of Fluid Injection Type in Thrust Vector Control


1 Islamic Azad University, Parand Branch, Iran

2 Industrial Organization, Tehran, Iran


In this research, the effects of some liquid side injection from nozzle wall into exhaust gas of combustion chamber are studied. The side injection against main flow is as elliptical solid thing that change the symmetric of flow field on nozzle wall and causes some different pressure distribution on wall, and finally causes thrust vector deviation. Flows interaction causes some physical phenomena as bow shock wave in front of injection region. This paper explain the effects of this wave and variation velocity & pressure distribution at different cross sections of flow field and comparison results of air and other liquid fluid in thrust vector control system. The results are compared with experimental data and have well agreement with them. The results show that Freon is one of best injection liquid for this type of thrust vector control. Performance of Injection is optimum in relative position 35 to 40% nozzle divergence length.