Electrohydrodynamic Dispersion with Interphase Mass Transfer in a Poorly Conducting Couple Stress Fluid Bounded by Porous Layers


1 Department of Mathematics, Central College, Bangalore University, Bangalore,India-560 001

2 Department of Mathematics, Global Academy of Technology, Rajarajeshwarinagar, Ideal Homes Township, Off Mysore Road, Bangalore, ‌ India-560 098

3 Department of Mathematics, B.M.S College of Engineering, Bull Temple road, Bangalore, India- 560 019


Exact analysis of miscible dispersion of solute with interphase mass transfer in a poorly conducting couple stress fluid flowing through a rectangular channel bounded by porous layers is considered because of its application in many practical situations. The generalized dispersion model of Sankarasubramanian and Gill is used, which brings into focus the exchange coefficient, the convective coefficient and the dispersion coefficient. The exchange coefficient comes into picture due to the interphase mass transfer and independent of solvent fluid viscosity. It is observed that the convective coefficient increases with an increase in the porous parameter while it decreases with an increase in the couple stress parameter. The dispersion coefficient is plotted against wall reaction parameter for different values of porous parameter and couple stress parameter. It is noted that the dispersion coefficient decreases with an increase in the value of couple stress parameter but increases with porous parameter.