Unsteady MHD Slip Flow of a Non-Newtonian Casson Fluid due to Stretching Sheet with Suction or Blowing Effect


Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, South Valley University, Qena, Egypt


In this contribution a numerical study is carried out to analyze the effect of slip at the boundary of unsteady two-dimensional MHD flow of a non-Newtonian fluid over a stretching surface having a prescribed surface temperature in the presence of suction or blowing at the surface. Casson fluid model is used to characterize the non-Newtonian fluid behavior. With the help of similarity transformations, the governing partial differential equations corresponding to the momentum and heat transfer are reduced to a set of non-linear ordinary differential equations, which are then solved for local similar solutions using the very robust computer algebra software MATLAB. The flow features and heat transfer characteristics for different values of the governing parameters are graphically presented and discussed in detail. Comparison with available results for certain cases is excellent. The effect of increasing values of the Casson parameter is seen to suppress the velocity field. But the temperature is enhanced with increasing Casson parameter. For increasing slip parameter, velocity increases and thermal boundary layer becomes thinner in the case of suction or blowing.