Flow of an Oldroyd-B Fluid past an Unsteady Bidirectional Stretching Sheet with Constant Temperature and Constant Heat Flux


1 Department of Mathematics, University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Muzaffarabad 13100, Pakistan

2 AS-ICTP, Strada Costiera 11, Trieste, Italy


This article describes the time dependent flow of a non-Newtonian fluid with heat transfer. We consider three dimensional unsteady flow and heat transfer of an Oldroyd-B fluid for constant temperature (CT) and constant heat flux (CH) cases over an unsteady bidirectional stretching surface. Homotopic solutions of the governing boundary value problems have been computed. Convergence for both velocity and temperature profiles is explored. The effects of emerging parameters on the velocity and temperature fields are investigated with the help of graphs and tabular data. It is observed that due to unsteadiness temperature in both the constant temperature and constant heat flux cases decrease significantly. Comparison of obtained and previously published results is found in excellent agreement.