Investigation of Particles Statistics in large Eddy Simulated Turbulent Channel Flow using Generalized lattice Boltzmann Method


Mechanical Engineering Department, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Kerman, Iran


The interaction of spherical solid particles with turbulent eddies in a 3-D turbulent channel flow with friction Reynolds number was studied. A generalized lattice Boltzmann equation (GLBE) was used for computation of instantaneous turbulent flow field for which large eddy simulation (LES) was employed. The sub-grid-scale (SGS) turbulence effects were simulated through a shear-improved Smagorinsky model (SISM), which can predict turbulent near wall region without any wall function. Statistical properties of particles behavior such as root mean square (RMS) velocities were studied as a function of dimensionless particle relaxation time ( ) by using a Lagrangian approach. Combination of SISM in GLBE with particle tracking analysis in turbulent channel flow is novelty of the present work. Both GLBE and SISM solve the flow field equations locally. This is an advantage of this method and makes it easy implementing. Comparison of the present results with previous available data indicated that SISM in GLBE is a reliable method for simulation of turbulent flows which is a key point to predict particles behavior correctly.