An Explicit Approach of Natural Ventilation for Various Orientation of Wind Catcher Openings using CFD

Document Type : Special Issue Manuscripts


1 Department of Mechanical Engineering, M.A.M College of Engineering

2 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Knowledge institute of Technology, Salem



Natural ventilation methods are far more efficient than the counter modern artificial methods and also it needs no energy for the ventilation. In this proposed system, angle of air flow at the entry is changed and it results in Air change per Hour (ACH) and the age of air changes. In accordance with the earlier studies, it has been concluded that there is a significant impact due to geometrical configuration in the wind catcher. Density of the air also supports this ventilation method, as cold air settles down due to high density and the hot air escapes through the top of the opening due to its lighter density. During this work, wind catcher’s openings is altered in several angles for the improvement in the distribution of air. The evaluation is based on i) Downward air flow due to wind entry ii) Upward air flow due to temperature gradient. Geometry of the testing room is 3.3m X3.3mX3.3m. The CFD results are validated based on upward air flow due to temperature gradient using the simulation software ANSYS. In the inlet openings, aperture angles such as 30degree, 45degree, 60degree and 75degree are tested. Results are approached analytically and to support analytical result simulation results are compared for better air velocity and uniform distribution.