Aerodynamic Investigation of a Wind Turbine using CFD and Modified BEM Methods

Document Type : Special Issue Manuscripts


1 University of Tehran, Tehran, 14395 -1561, Iran

2 University of Tehran



In this study aerodynamics analysis of full scaled Vestas V47 wind turbine is carried out by the use of modified blade element momentum (BEM) theory and computational fluid dynamics (CFD). In order to determine accurate results BEM theory is programmed by considering drag coefficient, Glauert correction and Prandtle tip loss factor. CFD simulation is determined employing k-w sst turbulence model and periodic boundary condition. The investigation outcomes are compared with each other. To validate CFD and BEM results, the only available data is real field measurement that is done by Vestas Company and power is compared with these data. Finally, according to the accuracy of results and computational cost, it is obtained that BEM is more applicable in engineering estimations.