Volume & Issue: Volume 9, (Special Issue 1), May and June 2021 
2. Turbulent Plane Impinging Jet-Physical Insight and Turbulence Modeling

Pages 11-17


M. Charmiyan; A. R. Azimian; L. Keirsbulck; E. Shirani; F. Aloui

8. Scavenging Process Analysis in a 2-Stroke Engine by CFD Approach for a Parametric 0D Model Development

Pages 69-80


S. Cagin; N. Bourabaa; E. Delacourt; C. Morin; X. Fischer; D. Coutellier; B. Carré; S. Loumé

9. On the Influence of Low-power Laser Source on the Evaporation of Single Droplets: Experimental and Numerical Approaches

Pages 81-87


M. H. Sadafi; S. González Ruiz; M. R. Vetrano; J. van Beeck; I. Jahn; J.M. Buchlin; K. Hooman