Experimental Analysis of Four Stroke Diesel Engine by using Carbon Nano Tubes Based Nano Fluids as a Coolant

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1 Saveetha Engineering College

2 University College of Engineering



The exciting coolants have reached their limitations of heat dissipating capacity. It is studied from the literature review that nanofluids are the novel and alternate heat transfer medium with significant temperature-dependent thermal conductivity even at very low particle concentrations than the conventional heat transfer fluids. In this experimental investigation, the multi walled carbon nanotube (MWCNT) water is used as a coolant in four stroke single cylinder diesel engine to assess the performance of the engine. The MWCNT/ water nanofluid is prepared with surfactant to get the stable suspension of nanofluid. Tests are performed by constant the mass flow rate 330 LPH of coolant nanofluids and by changing the load and by keeping the speed constant. It is found that the brake thermal efficiency increases by 10 to 15%, exhaust temperature decreases by 8 to 10% decreases and the specific fuel consumption decreases when compared to water as a coolant at the same testing condition.