Numerical Investigation of Lucid Spherical Cross-Axis Flow Turbine with Asymmetric Airfoil Sections and the Effect of Different Parameters of Blades on Its Performance

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Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Mashhad, Iran



The numerical investigation has been performed on the cross-axis-flow lucid spherical turbine. This type of cross-axis flow turbine generates moments through the forces acting on its blade cross-sections. To evaluate its power and performance, a three-dimensional simulation procedure was performed. The experimental results of Bachant and Wosnik have been used to verify the numerical predictions. The spherical lucid model turbine which they examined had 4 blades with NACA 0020 section and 16cm chord length. Drag and power coefficients were used to compare the data for the water inlet velocity 1m/s and different non-dimensional tip-speed-ratio (inlet velocity / linear rotating velocity of the blade). This paper has selected two airfoil sections, NACA 2412 and NACA 64(3)418, to design the turbine blades. The influence of four effective blade parameters, inclusive of profile section type, chord length, number of blades, and blade twist angles, on turbine performance over a wide range of tip speed ratios, is investigated. It can deduce that the power coefficient has increased up to 22% for NACA 2412 compared to the experimental test. Also, the three-bladed turbine possesses the best results among all models. For this model, the power coefficient increased by 12% and 71% for NACA 2412 and NACA 64(3)418 sections, respectively. The twist of the blades increases the power coefficient by 19% and 31% for NACA 2412 and NACA 64(3)418 sections inside the channel respectively. Increasing the blade chord length causes to increase in power coefficient of up to 12% for NACA 2412 section compared to the experimental test.


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