Volume & Issue: Volume 17, Issue 1 - Serial Number 81, January 2024 
A Methodology for Designing a Fish-Friendly Turbine Rotor Applied to High-Power Generation

Pages 19-42


G. E. Niño Del Río; R. G. Ramirez Camacho; N. Manzanares Filho; W. de Oliveira; T. M. Arispe Angulo

Numerical Simulation of Crude Oil Leakage from Damaged Submarine-Buried Pipeline

Pages 75-88


H. J. Zhao; D. Zhang; X. F. Lv; L. L. Song; J. W. Li; F. Chen; X. Q. Xie

Investigation of An Inverted Bow on Frigate Hull Resistance

Pages 136-147


S. Samuel; A. Wicaksono; W. A. Kurniawan; E. S. Hadi; T. Tuswan; A. Trimulyono; M. Muryadin

Structural Design and Performance Study of a Reciprocating Vortex Ring Generator

Pages 148-158


M. L. Zhou; D. Han; L. Zhu; S. Y. Yu; Y. F. Gao; Q. L. Shi; W. F. He