Numerical and Experimental Investigations on Aerodynamic Behavior of the Ahmed Body Model with Different Diffuser Angles


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Semnan University, Semnan, Iran


Due to many restrictions applied by the necessity of fulfilling dimensional analysis in a numerical-experimental research and also the limits in experimental facilities a Low Reynolds Number simulation seems to be widespread. In this paper, effects of the diffuser angle on the aerodynamic behavior of the Ahmed body have been investigated for low Reynolds number flows. Numerical simulations were performed by solving the Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) equations combined with different turbulence models. The Finite Volume Method (FVM) is used for simulations in Fluent 6.3.26 Software. The main objectives of the study are to improve the aerodynamic design of the body, analyzing the flow field to understand the nature of these improvements and reaching a suitable and reliable experimental-numerical setup for such a flow. Finally, it was concluded that the SST k-ω turbulence model with transitional flow corrections is the best choice. From the flow simulation and obtained experimental data, it was concluded that that drag coefficient is a function of three main phenomena. Results showed that the drag coefficient has its minimum value at a specific diffuser angle (8◦) and further increases in the angle lead to higher drag coefficient. On the other hand, the lift coefficient constantly decreases by increasing the diffuser angle. In order to show the validity of the numerical results, experimental data were obtained by measuring the drag and lift coefficients of scaled standard Ahmed body and a model with the diffuser angle of 8 degrees in a wind tunnel. Results confirmed that improvement of drag and lift coefficients occurs when diffuser region is considered for the Ahmed body. In addition, the flow field around the body was studied in detail to show the effects of the diffuser geometry on the aerodynamic characteristics of the body.