Multi-Disciplinary Analysis of a Strip Stabilizer using Body-Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulation and Design of Experiments (DOE)


Aerospace Research Institute, Tehran 1465774111, Iran


The stability of aerospace vehicles is one of the concerning subjects for aerospace engineers and researchers and there are different solutions for the stabilization purpose including rigid and flexible stabilizers use. Design and analysis of such systems generally need multi-disciplinary analysis tools and also efficient design strategies. The first goal of this paper is to develop a computational framework for the simulation of body-fluid-structure interactions (BFSI) due to the oscillations of a flexible stabilizer connected to the end of body. For analyzing fluid-structure interactions, an iterative partitioned coupling algorithm is utilized. With combining a dynamic simulation tool for body motions, the ultimate multidisciplinary framework is arranged. As the second goal of the work, for the sensitivity analysis and also constructing a cost-efficient basis for parametric study, the design of experiments (DOE) methodology is implemented. The proficiency and efficiency of computations is evaluated with the results obtained in a variety stabilizing conditions and various strip characteristics such as length, width, and bending stiffness. The results of different simulations shows that the proposed framework is capable to capture the multi-physic nature of the problem with reasonable cost, especially useful for frequent analyses needed during product design and development loops.