Impact of Boundary Layer Suction on Clearance Leakage Flow in a Cantilever Stator of Transonic Compressor


School of Power and Energy, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an, Shaanxi, 710072, P. R. China


To control secondary flow effects and enhance the aerodynamic performance of the compressor, the flow control effects of the flow suction at the endwall with different circumferential positions and at the blade tip were numerically investigated in the cantilever stator of an axial single-stage transonic compressor. The main purpose was to gain a better understanding of the application of boundary layer suction and the associated control mechanisms in the cantilever stator. The studies show that the optimal position of the endwall suction slot should be located up the stator blade, in terms of the leakage flow structures and the blade tip unloading effect. In addition, the flow control effects of the suction at the blade tip on leakage flow upstream is better than that of the endwall flow suction with the same structure. Further, the studies of compressor aerodynamic performance curves illustrate that the efficiency and pressure ratio is increased by 0.34% and 1.09% at the peak efficiency point, and are increased by 0.39% and 0.14% at the near stall point, respectively.