Analytical Solutions for Unsteady Pipe Flows with Slip Boundary Condition


Department of Aerospace Engineering, Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram 695547, Kerala, India


In this paper analytical expressions for time-dependent velocity profiles and pressure gradient are obtained for fully-developed laminar flows with given volume flow-rate conditions in circular pipe flows with slip boundary conditions. The governing equations are solved analytically using the traditional Laplace transform method together with Mellin’s inversion formula. The evolution of velocity profiles and pressure gradient for starting and pulsatile flow with slip boundary conditions are analyzed. New simplified expressions and perspectives on velocity and pressure gradient for no-slip and slip flows are obtained from the analytical results. New scalings in starting and pulsatile flows are proposed for pipe flows with no-slip and slip boundary conditions using non-dimensional numbers. Special attention is paid to the effect of slip factor and pulsatile flow frequency on the time-dependent skin-friction factor. Finally, by using the starting and pulsating flow results, analytical expressions of velocity and pressure for arbitrary inflow are obtained by approximating the arbitrary volume flow-rate by a Fourier series