Forced Convection in a Cylinder Filled with Porous Medium, including Viscous Dissipation Effects

Document Type : Special Issue Manuscripts


Université de Monastir, École Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Monastir, Laboratoire LESTE, Avenue Ibn El Jazzar 5019, Monastir, Tunisie



In this work, a numerical study of forced convection of an incompressible fluid through a cylinder filled with a porous medium is carried out by taking into account the heat due to viscous dissipation. Dimensionless equations of the problem are solved numerically. The energy transport bidimensional model is based on the local non-thermal equilibrium assumption with consideration of viscous dissipation effects. The influence of various parameters like Darcy number, Reynolds number, Forchhheimer coefficient and Eckert number on temperature fields is investigated and examined throughout this paper. It is found that all these parameters have significant influence on thermal performance of the packed bed within certain conditions.