Keywords = Vortices
Acoustic and Thermoacoustic Jet Propulsion

Volume 16, Issue 3, March 2023, Pages 401-411


J. Schoenmaker; D. A. Machado; H. Frandini; A. Hetem Junior; F. A. S. Mota

Large Eddy Simulation of the Flow-Field around Road Vehicle Subjected to Pitching Motion

Volume 9, Issue 6, October 2016, Pages 2731-2741


Z. Q. Gu; T. M. Huang; Z. Chen; Y. Q. Zong; W. Zeng

Experimental Setup for the Analysis of Vortices

Volume 8, Issue 1, November 2014, Pages 143-149


S. Nizetic; F. Grubisic-Cabo; M. Bugarin