Volume & Issue: Volume 15, Issue 5 - Serial Number 67, September and October 2022 
A Passive Micromixer with Koch Snowflakes Fractal Obstacle in Microchannel

Pages 1333-1344


L. Hasanah; D. F. Nurvadila; R. E. Pawinanto; B. Mulyanti; C. Wulandari; A. Aminudin; J. Yunas

Study on Flow Boiling Heat Transfer in Segmented Internally-Threaded Tube

Pages 1417-1426


J. Yang; Y. J. Xiao; Q. He; J. Y. Chen; Y. S. Zhang; H. W. Jia

Flow Estimation by Flow Induced Vibration of Bluff Bodies

Pages 1465-1476


A. Tamil Chandran; T. Suthakar; K. R. Balasubramanian; S. Rammohan